20 July 2011

Should the Mets Trade Jose Reyes?

Amidst all the financial troubles that the Wilpon clan were undertaking, everyone thought that the Mets would be toast by this point in the season as well as being major sellers at the trade deadline. While they have surprised thus far as they continue to hang in contention, they still look to be making a lot of noise as the trade market heats up. They already have dealt Francisco Rodriguez to the Brewers for payroll relief and Carlos Beltran, who's been terrific all season, looks to be a sure thing to be dealt at the deadline. The big fish on this club is the man pictured above, Jose Reyes. Should the team deal their star shortstop?
One of the major reasons why the Mets have been so good is the fact that Reyes has been spectacular all season. There's a reason I picked him as my midseason MVP. He either leads or is in second in the National League in batting average, hits, triples, stolen bases, and runs. And he is still only 28 and has many years of his prime still in front of him.
Now trading a player of his caliber would bring back a pretty solid haul in terms of prospects, which the Mets are in sore need of, but it would all but end their hopes for this season and hurt an already shaken fan base even more.
Holding onto him still breathes hope in 2011 but if they are unable to re-sign him in the offseason due to monetary restraints, all they would get back in return would be draft picks instead of prospects. But there is also the fact that the farm system has some nice young shortstops that down the road could turn into solid players.
It's a fine line that Metropolitans General Manager Sandy Alderson has to cross as he tries to build the club into a winner down the road. Does he risk losing Reyes in free agency with little to show for it or does he deal him and try to start over?
Personally what I would do is keep Reyes and build the team around him. They must re-sign him at all costs, and if that means that the perennially un-clutch David Wright must be dealt, so be it. It is rare to find the offensive presence that Reyes brings at the shortstop position.

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