19 July 2011

2011-12 NBA on TNT Schedule

Well the NBA has decided to announce the schedule for the 2011-12 season, despite the very real possibility that the season will be locked out. Regardless, here's the schedule for the NBA on TNT, which has been in the news for bringing on Shaquille O'Neal to Inside the NBA to work with Ernie, Kenny and Charles. Should be fantastic.
All times are eastern.

Dec. 25Sunday12 p.m.Boston Celtics @ New York Knicks
Dec. 27Tuesday8 p.m.Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat
10:30 p.m.Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers
Dec. 29Thursday8 p.m.Dallas Mavericks @ Oklahoma City Thunder
10:30 p.m.New York Knicks @ Los Angeles Lakers
Jan. 5Thursday8 p.m.Miami Heat @ Atlanta Hawks
10:30 p.m.Los Angeles Lakers @ Portland Trail Blazers
Jan. 12Thursday8 p.m.New York Knicks @ Memphis Grizzlies
10:30 p.m.Orlando Magic @ Golden State Warriors
Jan. 16Monday8 p.m.Oklahoma City Thunder @ Boston Celtics
10:30 p.m.Dallas Mavericks @ Los Angeles Lakers
Jan. 19Thursday8 p.m.Los Angeles Lakers @ Miami Heat
10:30 p.m.Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz
Jan. 26Thursday8 p.m.Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic
10:30 p.m.Memphis Grizzlies @ Los Angeles Clippers
Feb. 2Thursday8 p.m.Chicago Bulls @ New York Knicks
10:30 p.m.Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Clippers
Feb. 9Thursday8 p.m.Los Angeles Lakers @ Boston Celtics
10:30 p.m.Oklahoma City Thunder @ Sacramento Kings
Feb. 16Thursday8 p.m.Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls
10:30 p.m.Los Angeles Clippers @ Portland Trail Blazers
Feb. 20Monday8 p.m.Boston Celtics @ Dallas Mavericks
10:30 p.m.Portland Trail Blazers @ Los Angeles Lakers
Feb. 23Thursday7 p.m.New York Knicks @ Miami Heat
9:30 p.m.Los Angeles Lakers @ Oklahoma City Thunder
*********************************NBA ALL-STAR 2012

Feb. 24FridayNBA Rookie Challenge
Feb. 25SaturdayNBA All-Star Saturday
Feb. 26Sunday2012 NBA All-Star Game from Orlando
Mar. 1Thursday8 p.m.Oklahoma City Thunder @ Orlando Magic
10:30 p.m.Miami Heat @ Portland Trail Blazers
Mar. 8Thursday8 p.m.Orlando Magic @ Chicago Bulls
10:30 p.m.Dallas Mavericks @ Phoenix Suns
Mar. 19Monday8 p.m.Chicago Bulls @ Orlando Magic
10:30 p.m.Dallas Mavericks @ Denver Nuggets
Mar. 29Thursday8 p.m.Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat
10:30 p.m.Oklahoma City Thunder @ Los Angeles Lakers
Apr. 5Thursday7 p.m.New York Knicks @ Orlando Magic
9:30 p.m.Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls
Apr. 12Thursday8 p.m.Miami Heat @ Chicago Bulls
10:30 p.m.Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors
Apr. 17Tuesday8 p.m.Boston Celtics @ New York Knicks
10:30 p.m.San Antonio Spurs @ Los Angeles Lakers
Apr. 19Thursday8 p.m.Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat
10:30 p.m.Los Angeles Clippers @ Phoenix Suns
Apr. 24Tuesday8 p.m.Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics
10:30 p.m.New Orleans Hornets @ Golden State Warriors
Apr. 26Thursday8 p.m.New York Knicks @ Charlotte Bobcats
10:30 p.m.San Antonio Spurs @ Golden State Warriors

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