19 July 2011

2011-12 NBA on ESPN Schedule

Provided there is a 2011-12 NBA Season, which I think will be locked out to be honest, here is the schedule for the NBA on ESPN. The big news here is that one of the lead analysts, Mark Jackson, has become the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. How the lead team of Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy will change, or not, is to be determined.
All times eastern. Courtesy Fang's Bites.
* ESPN Deportes telecast

DateTime (ET)Teams
Sun, Dec 258 p.m.Orlando at Oklahoma City* (Dave Pasch, Doris Burke)
10:30 p.m.L.A. Clippers at Golden State* (Breen, Van Gundy, Chris Mullen, Terry Gannon)

Fri, Jan 68 p.m.Chicago at Orlando
10:30 p.m.Portland at Phoenix

Wed, Jan 118 p.m.Dallas at Boston*
10:30 p.m.Miami at L.A. Clippers*

Fri, Jan 138 p.m.Chicago at Boston
10:30 p.m.Miami at Denver

Sun, Jan 159 p.m.Phoenix at San Antonio

Mon, Jan 161 p.m.Chicago at Memphis

Wed, Jan 188 p.m.Portland at Atlanta
10:30 p.m.Dallas at L.A. Clippers

Fri, Jan 208 p.m.L.A. Lakers at Orlando*
10:30 p.m.Minnesota at L.A. Clippers*

Fri, Jan 278 p.m.New York at Miami

Sun, Jan 296:30 p.m.San Antonio at Dallas

Wed, Feb 18 p.m.Oklahoma City at Dallas
10:30 p.m.L.A. Clippers at Utah

Fri, Feb 38 p.m.New York at Boston
10:30 p.m.L.A. Lakers at Denver

Fri, Feb 108 p.m.L.A. Lakers at New York
10:30 p.m.Oklahoma City at Utah

Sun, Feb 127 p.m.Miami at Atlanta
9:30 p.m.Utah at Memphis

Wed, Feb 1510 p.m.Portland at Golden State

Fri, Feb 178 p.m.New Orleans at New York
10:30 p.m.Phoenix at L.A. Lakers

Sun, Feb 198 p.m.Denver at Oklahoma City

Mon, Feb 204 p.m.Atlanta at Chicago

Wed, Feb 227 p.m.Boston at Oklahoma City
9:30 p.m.L.A. Lakers at Dallas*

Wed, Feb 299 p.m.Chicago at San Antonio

Fri, March 28 p.m.Golden State at Philadelphia
10:30 p.m.L.A. Clippers at Phoenix

Sun, March 47 p.m.Chicago at Philadelphia
9:30 p.m.Denver at San Antonio

Mon, March 128 p.m.New York at Chicago*
10:30 p.m.Boston at L.A. Clippers*

Wed, March 148 p.m.Miami at Chicago*
10:30 p.m.Utah at Phoenix

Fri, March 167 p.m.Miami at Philadelphia
9:30 p.m.San Antonio at Oklahoma City

Sun, March 187 p.m.Orlando at Miami*
9:30 p.m.Portland at Oklahoma City

Wed, March 217 p.m.New York at Philadelphia
9:30 p.m.L.A. Lakers at Dallas*

Fri, March 238 p.m.Boston at Philadelphia
10:30 p.m.Denver at Utah

Sun, March 258 p.m.Miami at Oklahoma City
10:30 p.m.Memphis at L.A. Lakers

Wed, March 287 p.m.Orlando at New York*

Fri, March 308 p.m.Dallas at  Orlando
10:30 p.m.Portland at L.A. Clippers

Wed, April 48 p.m.Oklahoma City at Miami
10:30 p.m.L.A. Lakers at L.A. Clippers

Sat, April 78 p.m.Orlando at Philadelphia
10:30 p.m.Denver at Golden State

Mon, April 99 p.m.Phoenix at Minnesota (ESPN2)

Tue, April 107 p.m.Boston at Miami*
9:30 p.m.New York at Chicago*

Wed, April 118 p.m.Atlanta at Boston
10:30 p.m.Golden State at Portland

Fri, April 138 p.m.Milwaukee at Detroit
10:30 p.m.Dallas at Portland

Sat, April 149 p.m.Phoenix at San Antonio

Wed, April 188 p.m.Orlando at Boston*
10:30 p.m.L.A. Lakers at Golden State*

Fri, April 207 p.m.Boston at Atlanta
9:30 p.m.L.A. Lakers at San Antonio

Sat, April 215:30 p.m.Denver at Phoenix
8 p.m.Dallas at Chicago
10:30 p.m.Orlando at Utah

Sun, April 221 p.m.New York at Atlanta

Wed, April 258 p.m.L.A. Clippers at New York*
10:30 p.m.San Antonio at Phoenix*

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