06 June 2011

What Is Next For Plaxico Burress?

Plaxico Burress is a free man but in more ways than one. Not only was he released from prison earlier today but now he can be signed by any NFL team as he is an unrestricted free agent. Which teams do I think are the most likely to go after him? The answer after the jump.

5. Washington Redskins
Daniel Snyder does love himself big-name signings and he and Mike Shanahan have never been afraid to make a splash. But while I do think they would be intrigued by a player as talented, albeit risky, like Burress, they did draft three receivers in the 2011 NFL Draft plus they may be worried to keep the ageless Santana Moss. And let's not forget about the massive hole at quarterback that the 'Skins have failed to address, unless they really think that Rex Grossman or John Beck would be suitable starting NFL quarterbacks.

4. Oakland Raiders
The Raiders do have some young talent at the receiver position like the explosive Jacoby Ford but they still have needs at the receiver spot so they may jump on a talent like Burress. Hell, Al Davis may be dreaming on his deathbed about adding Burress as a vertical threat for the Raiders' offense. And do not forget that the Raiders have been scared off by few reclamation projects before.

3. Philadelphia Eagles
A lot of people presume that the most likely landing spot for Burress, after all they had a lot of success last season with Michael Vick. But the Eagles are pretty loaded at wide receiver with two extremely explosive threats in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin and probably would not want to spend a lot of money on basically a third receiver.

2. St. Louis Rams
The development of Sam Bradford as the answer in St. Louis is to get better weapons in his arsenal than what he currently has. He has a lot of mediocre threats and decent possession guys but nobody that strikes fear into the defense. If Burress is motivated, he can certainly be that guy. Now Burress is known for being a headache but maybe Steve Spagnuolo, who worked in New York when Burress was there, can light a fire under Plaxico's ass.

1. New York Jets
For me, this has seemed like the most logical location. Rex Ryan and the Jets love to bring in big names despite potential character concerns (see Santonio Holmes) and they have shown to be able to get the most out of them (see Santonio Holmes). Plus the Jets have both Holmes and Braylon Edwards entering free agency so they are in the market for a replacement because they probably cannot bring both back. If I were Mike Tannenbaum, I would bring back Holmes in a heartbeat and then bring in Edwards to pair up. That would be a nasty combo and could help turn Mark Sanchez into a star.

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