09 June 2011

Terrelle Pryor Will Regret Turning Down the CFL

After Terrelle Pryor left Ohio State amidst a ton of scrutiny and controversy for trading merchandise for tattoos  illegal dealings and car dealers and such, one of the first offers for his services was from the Canadian Football League. The Saskatchewan Roughriders won the rights to negotiate with him and sent him a tentative offer. However, Pryor rejected the offer and seems set on applying for consideration in the NFL supplemental draft. Which, in my opinion, is an opportunity he will regret.
Now I know the Canadian Football League is not exactly glamorous and Regina is not exactly a place people are dying to see before they die but playing for the Roughriders would have given Pryor two important things: playing time and a guaranteed contract. Pryor would begin the process of developing into an NFL quarterback by playing for the Roughriders and people do not realize that the CFL is a quarterback friendly league. And playing time is something that Pryor would be hard pressed to find if he were to join the NFL right away.
Also with the NFL lockout ongoing, there is no guarantee if or when the supplemental draft will take place so there is a strong chance that Pryor could be just sitting at home instead of playing some actual football. And the United Football League is not that great of an option because there has been some controversy about paying salaries.
It's pretty clear that Pryor did not really think about the CFL deal but that may end up hurting him and his development.

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