21 June 2011

Minnesota Timberwolves Shouldn't Draft Derrick Williams

The 2011 NBA Draft is Thursday night at Prudential Center and it seems like a foregone conclusion that the Minnesota Timberwolves will select Arizona forward Derrick Williams. And in my mind, it would be a mistake. Why?
The Timberwolves do not need Williams, actually they do not need a player like him because they already have a player like him on roster in Michael Beasley, who finally tapped into his talent this season. Both Williams and Beasley are tweeners in that neither is big enough to play at power forward and while both have  solid shots, they are not consistent enough from the perimeter to be a major threat at small forward. Now if they wanted to trade either of them to bring back more in return that would be a good move because there is a player that fills a major need for them and his name is Enes Kanter.

Not many people know who Kanter is but more would know if he was not ruled ineligible to play at Kentucky last season due to making money when playing in his native Turkey before coming to America. But Kanter has all the tools you want from the prototype center. He's a plus banger who can crash the glass with the best of them (sounds like another guy on the Timberwolves) who is skilled in the paint offensively, better than average handling the ball, and has a medium range jumper. For a team that currently has Darko Milicic as their starting center, you would think they would be drooling over this kid. But Timberwolves personel man David Kahn is not one who applies common sense to what he does.
Now if I thought that Williams had the potential to be a star, then that would be a totally different ballgame but I don't. I see him playing at his best like Beasley did last year; 20 points a game, with say eight board a pop as well. I don't see him playing with the physicality to succeed at the four in the rugged West nor do I think he has the game to be a feared playmaker at the three.
Do I think he will be a good player? Yes. But would I ignore a pressing need to select a near copy of a player on roster? No.

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