08 June 2011

Looking for LeBron James...

This NBA Finals, after a sick Dirk Nowitzki led the Dallas Mavericks to a 86-83 victory last night in Game 3, is all knotted up but it really should not be. Why not? Because LeBron James has not stepped up like he has had to and it clearly showed in Game 3 as he only scored eight points. He is the single most reason why this series is tied. And if the Heat want to hold off the Dirk-led Mavs, James has to step up.
This was why James left Cleveland and headed south to Miami, for moments like this to win titles. But all he has done to confirm what many believed when he made "The Decision," that this was really Dwayne Wade's team. And Wade has been terrific this Finals, averaging just a shade under 30 points a contest, as he has had to carry the Heat thanks to James' mediocre performance thus far. Even Chris Bosh, who has been ridiculed mercilessly, has outplayed James thus far, averaging 18.25 points per game compared to James' 17.25.
All James has done is reaffirm the haters that say he is not clutch. That he fails to come through when needed most. And quite frankly, they are right.
All the credit in the world to Nowitzki, who simply cannot be stopped right now, but this series should not be tied because Miami is clearly the better team. But this is James' time to step and if he ever wants to win back some respect, he has to show up for the rest of the series.

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