11 June 2011

Finally Dirk Nowitzki's Time?

There have been so many great NBA players over the years who have failed to win a championship, there are too many to name. But as his Dallas Mavericks lead the 2011 NBA Finals 3 games to 2 over the Miami Heat, it seems like it may be the time that Dirk Nowitzki crosses his name off that list.
Nowitzki has come close before but his Mavs fell to the same team, the Heat, that they are battling right now for the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Other than that run, his club has seemed to always fall to the Los Angeles Lakers or the San Antonio Spurs. But it appears that now he will finally get that elusive title.
This team does not have the best supporting cast that Nowitzki has played with and yet somehow they are one game away from the title. How has that happened? Because this team has great resiliency.
If the Heat could close out games, or if LeBron James actually showed up in the fourth quarter, then this series would have been over. But in the final quarter the Heat have been unable to keep their foot on the gas, allowing Dallas to make late game runs which they have done multiple times in this series. Nowitzki has been lights out in the fourth quarter and seems to refuse to let his team lose. And it isn't just him stepping up big time. It's Jason Terry coming up huge. It's J.J. Barea making clutch shots. It's that fossil named Shawn Mrion making jumpers. It's Tyson Chandler getting easy buckets in the paint. It has been just a total team effort that will likely culminate in that big German winning his long sought title.

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