29 June 2011

End in Sight for the NFL Lockout?

It appears that there may be light in the end of the tunnel in terms of the ongoing NFL lockout. Peter King broke on Tuesday afternoon that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will speak at the NFLPA's rookie symposium today in Bradenton, Florida. Now this may seem like insignificant news to the common NFL fan, one must look deep into this story to find the reasons in which that progress is being made.
Well the rookie symposium is in the midst of negotiations between Goodell and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith in Minneapolis. This is the fourth straight week that Goodell and Smith have held confidential negotiations without players or owners so the fact that they are sharing a plane to and from the symposium is a step in the right direction after relations between the two have been rumored to be frosty at times. These negotiations have not bred the hostile contention that has been present in previous negotiations in which owners and/or players were present.
Another postive development is that the NFLPA would invite Goodell to their event. Now the NFL had cancelled the rookie symposium because as Greg Aiello, NFL spokesman, put it,
"the uncertainty of the labor issues we are facing and the logistical challenges of conducting the symposium."
However, the Players Association chose to organize and hold the event by themselves. Now the fact that a body whose director was once that the CBA negotiations was "war" and one of its more vocal members calling Goodell a "fraud" is willing to invite him to speak at their event speaks volumes as to where the two sides sit now.
Various dates have been floated around about when the absolute last date that the lockout be ended for there to be a full season and the general consensus is in the beginning in July. With these small but important details, it appears that that may be in full reach.

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