21 June 2011

Dwight Howard Looks To Be On The Outs In Orlando

Star Magic center Dwight Howard has made a couple of eye-opening statements to reporters in Europe, where is on a promotional tour. He said that Stan Van Gundy did not utilize Gilbert Arenas properly as well as saying that he wants to be more involved in personnel decisions (same article as above). Both of these statements now make it seem all the more likely that Howard has no future in Orlando.
Howard has stressed that he wants to be on a championship team and the Magic have gotten close but have not won the title. And it is clear that he is getting frustrated as GM Otio Smith has been unable to find the right pieces to surround Howard with. It was hoped that Arenas, Jason Richardson and the return of Hedo Turkoglu would put the team over the top but the team stagnated at times.
Speaking of Arenas, while he did struggle in Orlando, I agree with Howard that he was not utulized enough. Van Gundy used him more as a backup point guard and didn't give him a copious amount of minutes but I thought he should have been starting with Jameer Nelson in the backcourt. I think that surrounding Howard with another playmaker in the backcourt when he was on the floor would have been beneficial to the team on offense.
What's even more startling is how he wants to be more involved in personnel decisions, when Smith has been trying to gain his trust by upgrading the talent around him and to build a team that can win a title. But now it seems that Smith will have to deal him as it does not appear that Howard will re-sign when his contract is up. There will be no shortage of teams interested but yet again, it looks like another franchise star will leave Central Florida as he enters his prime.

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