06 June 2011

Can Mark Jackson Succeed Coaching the Warriors?

Not exactly coaching attire...
The big news of this evening is that ESPN/ABC NBA analyst Mark Jackson has been hired as the new head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Jackson has shown interest in becoming a coach and has been in the running for jobs in the past, unlike his compadre Jeff Van Gundy, who seems satisfied in the broadcast booth. As the Warriors is not an easy job and Jackson has never coached before, can he find success? Or will he fall flat on his face?
People do not remember Jackson much as a point guard but he was a very solid point guard for 21 season in the NBA. He never was known as a high scorer but he was a terrific distributor who currently stands third all-time in assists as well as a capable defender. He also had a very good reputation for leadership and his work ethic.
Jackson does have the tools to be a successful coach excepting one important part, coaching experience. Jackson has never been a coach at any level and there have been many an example of someone with no experience failing. And coaching the Warriors will not exactly be an easy job. The Warriors still have that run-and-gun mindset on their roster from the days of Don Nelson as they are a very poor defensive club. It will take a lot to get this current roster to become a solid defensive team, which Keith Smart was unable to do this past season. Not to mention the rugged West plus the fact that they have only made the playoffs twice in my lifetime (born 1993).
It will certainly be an uphill battle for Jackson and the Warriors but I do think it could work. Momma there goes that man.

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