25 May 2011

Who Should Be On Hard Knocks in 2011?

Hard Knocks is one of those shows that does not seem like riveting television, but yet it makes for incredibly entertaining programming. It made position battles and contract disputes more open to the audience than ever and it often creates  folk heroes. Just look at last year's edition with the New York Jets; Rex Ryan, Mike Westhoff, and Danny Woodhead became stars.
So who should on this year's show (provided there is an NFL season)?

Green Bay Packers
It's more than that they are the defending Super Bowl champions. This club has a lot of interesting and quality personalities, particularly on defense with guys like Charles Woodson, B.J. Raji, Nick Barnett, for example. And the Packers have their own chubby, Rex Ryan-type as their head coach Mike McCarthy, as he is known to have a very colorful mouth. Hard Knocks coming to De Pere would shed light on one of the coolest traditions in the NFL, the players riding to the practice field on kids' bicycles.

Denver Broncos
Tim Tebow would be the show in itself, an extremely religious folk hero trying to make it as a quarterback in the pros. But you also have a brand new coach in John Fox bringing his style to an organization run by a domineer named Josh McDaniels for the past couple of years. John Elway adjusting to his new role as an executive would be a solid storyline, as would top draft pick Von Miller's joining a lawsuit against the league.

Seattle Seahawks
One of the biggest personalities in the NFL belongs to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, whose zest for love and adoration for his players is matched by very few of his colleagues. Hard Knocks would follow the first team with a losing record to make the playoffs and how they try to build off their surprising 2010, especially as they have major issues at quarterback. And we would get more opportunities to see Marshawn Lynch go into beast mode.

Atlanta Falcons
Shedding more light on the behind the scenes preparation of stud quarterback Matt Ryan would really open some eyes. And there are few coaches as fiery as Mike Smith. He'll even brawl with players, guy's awesome.This Falcons club has a bunch of tenacious types just like Smith and it should be interesting to watch how a team that took the league by storm in 2010 tries to take the next step, particularly after the bold trade for Julio Jones at the draft.

Oakland Raiders
Wait, there is actually some positive energy in the bay area with the Raiders? Believe it. Yes the seemingly almost dead Al Davis is still running the organization but now the reins of the squad are in the highly regarded Hue Jackson. The Raiders still do not have a quarterback but they have some intriguing talent with great personalities like Darren McFadden. And they, as always, have had some transgressions off the field, which viewers always love.

Detroit Lions
The laughingstock of the league in the opening of the new millenium, the Lions are looking like that team that will break through and reach the playoffs for the first time since 1999. The Lions have a very talented roster now but a lot rests on the health of young quarterback Matthew Stafford so watching how he tries to make it through a season healthy. And, as the common theme goes, they have a very intelligent and fiery coach in Jim Schwartz.

Washington Redskins
It seems like the Redskins have so many problems they may never be good again. They got an owner who throws out money like it's water and at the wrong players. Donovan McNabb has been all but alienated by coach Mike Shanahan and now the club is seriously considering starting Rex Grossman or John Beck as their starting quarterback. Albert Haynesworth has turn into a malaise fatass that puts in no effort. DeAngelo Hall does not have the best of reputations either. Would make for very intriguing television.

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