08 May 2011

Watch Andrew Bynum's Bush League Flagrant Foul on J.J. Barea

What a way for Phil Jackson to close out his illustrious coaching career. His team forgets to show up in an elimination game and then one of his players commits one of the biggest bush league acts you will ever see at an NBA game. Continue reading to see the ridiculous cheap shot that Andrew Bynum did on J.J. Barea.

If you follow me on Twitter (@bflo360), you would have known that I was extremely pissed off about this action by Bynum. What did Bynum have to prove by decking a guy 110 pounds smaller when his team was getting absolutely embarrassed in a game they had to win? That was a cowardly and disgraceful act committed by Bynum and he should be ashamed and embarrassed for doing that in the final game of hic coach's coaching career.

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