06 May 2011

2011 Kentucky Derby Picks

As the 137th Kentucky Derby will be run tomorrow, will favorite Dialed In be the horse draped in roses. Some have said that we may be in for the most wide open Derby in a while, so who do I think will win?
Post Positions & Odds

WIN: Nehro (6-1)
Why do I think Nehro will be the winner this year? Because his racing style fits the style of racing very well. He is a late-race charger who is able to make the late charges to the front. We have seen many a Kentucky Derby won by a late charger and I think Nehro will be the next.

PLACE: Archarcharch (10-1)
Archarcharch is another who excels at the late-race charge. I would seriously consider picking him if he did not draw a terrible post position on the inside, riding the rail. He will make a charge late but will come up short because his post position could really hurt him initially.

SHOW: Soldat (12-1)
Soldat is one of the fastest horses in the field and he is known to crave the early lead. I think his post position allows him to hold the lead early but he is not a great finisher so he will falter late but he will start off well enough that he will still finish third.

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