12 April 2011

The New York Jets Can't Be Serious About Adding Randy Moss

Vic Carucci of NFL.com reports that a team that is serious about bringing in Randy Moss, besides the New England Patriots, is the New York Jets. And I personally think that it would be a ridiculous decision for the Jets to make.
Let me start off by saying something, Randy Moss has nothing left. Not many receivers that rely on their speed are very effective at the age of 34, which Moss currently is. If this was a couple of years ago, then it would make sense. But now, it doesn't.
The Jets have to be focused on retaining Santonio Holmes long-term. They got him at a discount rate and he is one of the best wide receivers in football and easily the best one currently on the Jets (I'm sorry Mr. Edwards, but let's see you perform as well as you did in 2010 after you are not in a contract year). Holmes has terrific hands and is money in the clutch, both are critical when you are dealing with a young quarterback like Mark Sanchez.
Moss would be toxic. He would ruin the dynamic of the offense by demanding that he got the ball every play, because he does not realize that his skills have clearly eroded. And Sanchez does not have that same ability that Tom Brady has to tell Moss to screw off and take one for the team. Brady has three Super Bowl rings. Sanchez does not.
Maybe the Jets are just trying to get the Patriots to overpay, which I would get. But they are nuts to think that bringing him in would be a good move.

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