18 April 2011

Michael Vick or Peyton Hillis Will Be On The Cover of Madden 2012...Wait, What?

So instead of naming the cover of Madden 2012, EA Sports teamed up with ESPN SportsNation to determine who will be the cover athlete. It's actually a neat concept, until you hear that the two finalists are Peyton Hillis, running back for the Cleveland Browns, and Michael Vick, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. In my opinion, that's pretty feeble.
UPDATE: See who won. And I'm not happy. 
Well I actually would have no problem with Vick being on the cover, he was awesome last year and showcasing a successful reform of a troubled athlete, if he was not already on the cover, as he was in 2004 and it did not end well for him. But he at least has a legitimate case. Plus, it would strike a massive middle finger at PETA (Mini-PETA rant: I understand they have good intentions but they do the most ridiculous things to advance their cause like urging the band Phish to change their names to Sea Kittens or make utterly insane Super Bowl commercials). But if Vick was on the cover, so be it.
But the Hillis campaign is ridiculous. Yes I realize that Cleveland has been to hell and back (at least the Indians are great, for now) and yes he was very beast in 2010 and yes he is a white running back in the NFL. But will the face of one of the most popular video games be the NFL's leading fumbler as well as its 11th leading rusher?
But at least it is much more interesting than just plucking Aaron Rodgers on the cover. 

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