09 March 2011

See How Rutgers Gets Royally Screwed By The Officials Against St. John's

Well we all give the NBA officials a lot of crap for being corrupt and mediocre and for good reason. But people always fail to realize how much better they are than college officials.
Case in point. After a couple of questionable non-calls that would have gone against St. John's, Rutgers has a chance to get the win but they attempt to inbound the ball to a Scarlet Knighty past midcourt and it is intercepted by a Red Storm (how do we make that singular?). But that player not only clearly travels but he steps out of bounds WITH TIME ON THE CLOCK and threw the ball out of bounds with time still on the clock. But of course, no call because the referees decided to stop doing their jobs. To the videotape, because those referees should be fired for this ridiculous display.

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