09 March 2011

Team Fay Defeats Team Mamunes

It had the energy, the passion, the intensity of an NCAA Tournament game. But this time, Gus Johnson was not to be found at Cavallini Middle School in Upper Saddle River, N.J. but March Madness it sure was. In the Elite Eight of the 2011 Highlands Rec Basketball Tournament, Team Fay (7-6 in the regular season) pulled the upset and defeated Team Mamunes (12-2) 58-56. The Mamunes squad entered this game as a terrific three point shooting team but they were slowed down enough by the 3-2 defense of the Fay squad, who was led by another coach, Mr. Peter Stroud, instead of usual coach Mr. Jimmie Fay who did not show up until the third quarter. Meanwhile the Fay team was terrific in the interior as they were led by Brendan McGrail and Dan Galvin, the team's first two picks at the draft, who both had terrific games in the paint. Galvin also scored the winning basket.
The game was a grinder, a see-saw affair and it certainly felt like a tournament game.
So what does this victory mean? Well that means the Fay squad of McGrail, Galvin, Ross Weiner, Matt Fay, David Galvin, James Stroud, Andrew Oundjian, and yours truly will take on the top team in all of the league, Team Parles who did beat Fay 78-65 on February 11, Friday night at 7:00 P.M. at Travers gymnasium in USR at the Bogert school. The winner will play for the championship the next Friday.
It was an awesome game to be a part of and kudos to Team Mamunes, who had an awesome season and gave it their all tonight.
But it's Team Fay moving on.

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