12 March 2011

2011 NCAA Tournament: Predicting Announcer Assignments For Rounds 2-3 (Part 6)

Selection Sunday is just around the corner as the major conferences beginning to wrap up their tournaments.And I will try to predict where the eight NCAA Tournament broadcast teams will be calling their games in rounds 2-3 of the 2011 March Madness.
Here is my sixth stab at it with the bracketology of Bracketology 101 

Things to note: 
  • Jim Nantz, Clark Kellogg, and Steve Kerr are calling the "First Four" doubleheader on the Tuesday night of the first week of March Madness on TruTV from Dayton
  • Gus Johnson and Len Elmore will be calling the "First Four" doubleheader on that Wednesday night
  • There are two sub-regional sites that will be crewed by the two Turner crews (Albert/Kerr and Harlan/Bonner/Miller). Those sites are Tulsa and Tuscon. Thanks to DK073 from the506 forums for that tidbit. 
1. Nantz/Kellogg: Charlotte (Friday/Sunday)
East: North Carolina, Kansas State, Washington, Long Island
SE: Duke, UNLV, Villanova, Morehead State

2. Albert/Kerr: Tulsa (Friday/Sunday) CONFIRMED
SW: Kansas, Utah State, Illinois, Arkansas-Little Rock/Alabama State
SE: Texas, Vandy, Richmond, Wofford

3. Lundquist/Raftery: Washington, D.C. (Thursday/Saturday)
East: Syracuse, Temple, Michigan State, Bucknell
SE: UConn, Arizona, Alabama, Princeton 

4. Johnson/Elmore: Cleveland (Friday/Sunday)
East: Ohio State, George Mason, Marquette, Morgan State/McNeese State 
SE: Pittsburgh, UCLA, Gonzaga, Boston University

5. Harlan/Bonner/Miller: Tuscon (Thursday/Saturday) CONFIRMED
SE: San Diego State, Cincinnati, Florida State, St. Peter's
SW: Purdue, St. John's, Georgia/Clemson, Kent State

6. Eagle/Spanarkel: Denver (Thursday/Saturday)
West: Wisconsin, Georgetown, UTEP, Oakland
West: BYU, Xavier, Michigan, Long Beach State

7. Brando/Gminski: Chicago (Friday/Saturday)
West: Notre Dame, Tennessee, Missouri, UNC-Asheville
West: Louisville, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Indiana State

8. Dedes/Wenzel: Tampa (Thursday/Saturday)
East: Kentucky, West Virginia, Colorado/St. Mary's, Belmont
SW: Florida, Old Dominion, Butler, Northern Colorado

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