13 March 2011

2011 NCAA Tournament: Final Announcer Predictions

Well the bracket for the 2011 NCAA Tournament was announced just hours ago and the announcer sites should be announced shortly. Here are my final predictions for the eight broadcast crews, plus the regional sites.


1. Nantz/Kellogg: Charlotte (Friday/Sunday)

2. Albert/Kerr: Tulsa (confirmed) (Friday/Sunday)

3. Lundquist/Raftery: Washington, D.C. (Thursday/Saturday)

4. Johnson/Elmore: Cleveland (Friday/Sunday)

5. Harlan/Bonner/Miller: Tuscon (confirmed) (Thursday/Saturday)

6. Eagle/Spanarkel: Tampa (Thursday/Saturday)

7. Brando/Gminski: Chicago (Friday/Sunday)

8. Dedes/Wenzel: Denver (Thursday/Saturday)


1. Nantz/Kellogg: Newark

2. Albert/Kerr: San Antonio

3. Lundquist/Raftery: Anaheim

4. Johnson/Elmore: New Orleans

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