29 January 2011

Yankees Need Andy Pettitte For A World Series Run

Now do I think the New York Yankees are a playoff team? Absolutely, in fact of the teams in the American League I think only the Boston Red Sox are better. But if they want to win Championship #28, they're gonna need Andy Pettitte back in the rotation when the season begins.
UPDATE: Pettitte has chosen to retire
The Yankees are slowly aging and their current roster only has only so many years left to make a World Series run as their core is getting closer and closer to retirement. And while I love the signing of Rafael Soriano to create the top back-end of any bullpen in baseball as well as a potential replacement for the greatest closer in history, Mariano Rivera, once he throws in the towel, he can't start and the Yankees have some major holes in the rotation. CC Sabathia is still a stud and Phil Hughes is looking ready to break out into a star himself, I have no trust in A.J. Burnett after his awful 2010, Ivan Nova can't pitch past the fourth or fifth inning while maintaining his effectiveness, and Sergio Mitre is nothing above satisfactory as your fifth starter. Freddy Garcia would not be a bad signing but he is a shell of his former self as is Kevin Millwood. And while Mark Prior and Bartolo Colon were low-risk signings, you can't really expect anything out of them.

If Pettitte came back in 2011, their rotation is obviously in much better shape. Do not forget how well he was pitching last season before getting injured last season; he was an All-Star after all. He is still one of the elite postseason pitchers in the league as well and a three of Sabathia-Hughes-Pettitte that is one of the best in the A.L. But I simply do not see him coming back due to his lack of desire to come back to the Bronx. But with the offseason the Red Sox had where they added a lot of juice to an offense that was not much worse than the Yankees last season despite their injuries as well as the fact that the Red Sox have a better rotation, I'm thinking that the Yankees could have a lot of trouble with the Red Sox in 2011 and will struggle to get past them in the postseason if Pettitte does not come back or the Yankees do not acquire a really good pitcher to go with their top two.

As a Yankees fan I hope I'm absolutely wrong but I'm just not seeing it with the rotation in the shape it is right now.

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  1. the thing about nova is yes he wasnt good past the fourth or fifth inning but thats what there's coaching for...if the fans noticed it you can bet that girardi and the new pitching coach noticed it and that's what they'll be working on all offseason and spring with nova....stamina/longevity