22 January 2011

Great Moments From Awful Players: Bill Wennington

Have you ever wondered who the worse player to play with Michael Jordan when he was a member of the Chicago Bulls? Well the big Canadian Bill Wennington makes a great case. Wennington never scored more than seven points a game, four and a half rebounds a game, or more than 0.8 blocks a game. You know you're so good when you're the backup to the legendary Luc Longley. He did win three titles in his NBA career. And in this edition of Great Moments From Awful Players from Game 4 of the first round of the 1995 NBA Playoffs against the Charlotte Hornets, Beef Wennington goes up high, down hard on a pass from Toni Kukoc.

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  1. Bill Wennington is a grate player. His performance is always good. I like his play so much. I think he is one of the best Canadian athlete.