13 November 2010

MLB Free Agency: Best Bargains

Everyone knows Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford, and Jayson Werth are the elite players on the market and will command top dollar. But who are slipping through the cracks and would provide teams with quality production for a substantially lower rate than the top guys? FOXSports.com MLB analyst Jim Bowden tells us his bargain buys of this MLB Hot Stove.  

College Football At Wrigley Field & Yankee Stadium

On November 20th, Wrigley Field will be the home of the Northwestern Wildcats when they take on the Illinois Fighting Illini.

On that very same day, Yankee Stadium will be the host of Army and Notre Dame, in what is a tribute of one of the greatest games of all time, the 1946 Army-Notre Dame game.

Awesome Plays From The NBA: Andre Igoudala

Andre Igoudala has always had tremendous hops and he proved it last night in this Awesome Play From The NBA when he gets the pass on the fast break and absolutely murders the legendary Brian Cardinal of the Dallas Mavericks. Take a look.

Awesome Plays From The NBA: Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin has been awesome this young season, his first, as he is now averaging a double-double with 16.6 points per game and 10.9 boards per game. And last night in this Awesome Play From The NBA, Griffin shows athleticism that you don't see from power forwards when he picks off a pass and reverse slams in home against the Pistons last night at Staples Center. 

Kevin Love Among All-Time Greats With 30-30 Game

Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves is now in company with some of the all-time greats like Moses Malone, Robert Parish, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain and George Mikan in scoring 31 points and grabbing 31 rebounds in a game as he did last night against the New York Knicks.

2010-11 College Football Bowl Predictions: 1st Edition

Predicting every single bowl game is certainly not easy. But I will try to predict all 35 college football bowl games, including the BCS. Enjoy.

12 November 2010

Awesome Plays From The NBA: Rajon Rondo

Watch Boston Celtics start point guard knife right through the Miami Heat defense last night towards the end of the first quarter and soar over the top for the jam. Having Kevin Harlan on the call is an added bonus.

11 November 2010

The Top Coaches In The NBA


Who are the top coaches in the NBA right now? Here is my list 1-32 of the top NBA coaches in my opinion.

Terrible Moments In Broadcasting: Matt Devlin

Who is Matt Devlin? Well he is the play-by-play voice of the Toronto Raptors who also does playoff games on TNT. One of the things he is most notable for is saying Punjabi when a three ball is made. He is also known for being awful which is proven by this Terrible Moment In Broadcasting on January 28, 2009 as the Raptors were playing the Nets at the lovely Izod Center and Devlin pulled a Kevin Harlan and flat out forgot the score.

Awesome Plays From The NBA: Amare Stoudemire

It was a loss last night against the Golden State Warriors for the New York Knicks but plays like this from Amare Stoudemire are why the Knicks gave him the big money. This Awesome Play From The NBA features Amare colleting his own rebound and jamming it home at Madison Square Garden.

Veteran's Day 2010

Never forget those who have served for our country.

10 November 2010

College Basketball On CBS 2010-11 Schedule

The 2010-11 College Basketball season is upon us and what does that mean? The return of College Basketball on CBS which starts it's 30th season December 4th. Here is the 14 week regular season & Championship Week schedule on CBS Sports.

Terrible Moments In Broadcasting: Chris Myers

Chris Myers made major headlines earlier this year for sticking his foot in his mouth when he subbed in for Dan Patrick on his radio show. But a lot of people don't realize that Myers is a truly awful play-by-play guy. He'll call games every now and again, but last year on September 21st in a game between the Cardinals and Jaguars he butchered an Antrel Rolle touchdown on a blocked field goal so bad it's today's Terrible Moment In Broadcasting.

Who Are The Heisman Trophy Favorites?

We all know that Cameron Newton is the front-runner for the Heisman but who else is in the mix if Newton falls by the wayside? 1984 Heisman Trophy winner and college football analyst Doug Flutie breaks down the Heisman hopefuls for Behind The Mic on SI.com. 

Awesome Play From The NBA: Bill Walker

Bill Walker of the New York Knicks has always had huge hops. And he showcases them in the
Knicks blowout loss to the Bucks in Milwaukee where he soars over Bucks center Andrew Bogut with an epic slam in this Awesome Play From The NBA.

09 November 2010

Nick Collins Should Be Suspended

In the Sunday Night demolition of the Dallas Cowboys, Packers safety Nick Collins purposely laid a helmet-to-helmet hit on Cowboys receiver Roy Williams and left him on the ground for a bit. I'l get to why I think Collins should be suspended for that hit but first, let's go to the videotape.

Terrible Moments In Broadcasting: Bryant Gumbel

Bryant Gumbel does terrific work on Real Sports and I'm sure he was wonderful hosting The Today Show. But he could not call a football game if his life depended on it. He was the very first play-by-play guy for NFL Network's Run To The Playoffs and he was an odd hire because he had never broadcasted before. And surprisingly, he was awful. He made his brother, a mediocre broadcaster in his own right, look like Curt Gowdy. And he bumbled the end of the broadcast of a high-profile matchup between the Packers and Cowboys so bad it is today's Terrible Moment In Broadcasting.

Awesome Plays From The NBA: Tyrus Thomas

Tyrus Thomas of the Charlotte Bobcats has some insane hops and he proved it last night against the Spurs. This Awesome Play From The NBA features an epic alley-oop for Tyrus Thomas.

NFL Week 10 Picks

Week 10 in the 2010 NFL Season has arrived. Here are some of the top storyline for this week's action.

  • Jason Garrett's debut as Cowboys Head Coach following the firing of Wade Phillips. Garrett and the Cowboys take on the Giants at the Meadowlands at 4:15 on FOX.
  • Randy Moss' debut with the Tennessee Titans, who claimed him off waivers after he was waived by the Vikings. Moss and the Titans take on the Dolphins in Miami at 1 on CBS.
  • Eric Mangini's much anticipated rematch with the New York Jets. Mangini's red-hot Browns take on the Jets at home at 1 on CBS. 
  • Two of the elite AFC teams face off on Sunday Night Football. NBC at 8:15 will feature the Patriots and Steelers from Heinz Field. 
  • Donovan McNabb hosts his former team on Monday Night Football but his conflicts with Mike Shanahan will take center stage. The Redskins and Eagles face off on ESPN at 8:30 Monday Night. 
  • Thursday Night Football debuts on the NFL Network on Veteran's Day at 8:20 as the Falcons host the Ravens. 
I will get to those games as well as all the other exciting matchups in my week 10 picks plus the announcer schedule courtesy of Awful Announcing and broadcast maps from the506.com.

Did Cam Newton Leave Florida Due To Cheating Allegations?

FOXSPORTS.com has reported that star Auburn quarterback Cam Newton left Florida after a cheating scandal according to a source. This is the second major allegation against Newton after he reportedly was soliciting money for his commitment last year and this could possibly derail his Heisman Trophy candidacy.

08 November 2010

Pau Gasol Is A Beast

Pau Gasol has been awesome this season and is proving to be the top power forward in the NBA. Check this play out and you'll see why.

College Football Week 11 Picks

Now, the number 2 team in the nation taking on a team that is sitting at 5-5 would not seem like a close one at all. But with the Georgia Bulldogs finding their stride of late and the Auburn Tigers and star quarterback Cam Newton dealing with a major distraction, this just might be a major test for Auburn in their quest for a national championship. Could Georgia pull off the upset? Or will Auburn roll?
My college football week 11 predictions are next.

Jon Miller & Joe Morgan Out From ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

For 20 years, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan have been a part of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, which was ESPN's game of the week. However today ESPN announced that the two hall of famers (Morgan as a player in 1990, Miller as a recipient of the Ford Frick Award in 2010) will no longer be working Sunday Night Baseball as the World Wide Leader has declined to renew Morgan's contract and have asked Miller to become the radio voice of Sunday Night Baseball.

Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips Fired, Jason Garrett To Be Interim Coach

After a disastrous performance in Green Bay in which his team failed to try in a 45-7 loss, Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips has been fired. Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett has been promoted to be the interim head coach and Defensive Line coach Paul Pasqualoni will be in charge of the defense.

Terrible Moments In Broadcasting: Michael Kay

Lord knows how much I despise Michael Kay. Nor am I the only one. He is a blatant homer, does not know anything about baseball, and certainly does not know how to call a game. And in this Terrible Moment In Broadcasting on Opening Day 2010, Kay does not even know where he is.

07 November 2010

Terrible Moments In Broadcasting: Kevin Harlan

Now I'm a big fan of Kevin Harlan. But on November 4, 2010, Harlan was calling a pretty exciting game on TNT between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Portland Trail Blazers that Harlan fudged the score at the end to make a meaningless three pointer by Armon Johnson important. Or he just flat out did not know the score that was right in front of him on his monitor. I'm feeling the latter.
Anyways, the premiere edition of Terrible Moments In Broadcasting features my boy Kevin Harlan.

Raiders Edge Chiefs 23-20 In Overtime

A breakthrough by the rookie Jacoby Ford and a game-winning field goal in overtime by Sebastian Janikowski keyed the Oakland Raiders' victory over the Kansas City Chiefs 23-20. This is the first time the Raiders, now 5-4, have a winning record in a season since they started 2-1 in 2004 and have not had a winning record this late in the season since they went to the Super Bowl in 2002. Also, this was their first home sellout since the home opener of last year. Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots break down the exciting game in Oakland.