30 October 2010

Great Moments From Awful Players: Frédéric Weis

Frédéric Weis is the gentlemen getting "posterized" by Vince Carter while playing for the French National Team in the 2000 Sidney Olympics. And the video makes it look much worse.  
The Knicks passed on Ron Artest to take the 7'2'' frenchmen who never signed and never stepped foot on an NBA court. And he is actually not a terrible player in whatever French league he plays in but regardless, this edition of Great Moments From Awful Players features Fred Weis against Spain on August 29,2007 in a Pre-Eurobasket game. 

Top Ten Wide Receivers In The NFL

The "divas" of the National Football League, if you will, you could argue that nobody makes more plays than the wide receiver. So who do I think are the best receivers in the NFL?
I'll give you my list plus a video with highlights of each receiver.

Great Moments From Awful Players: Jake Tsakalidis

Who the hell is Jake Tsakalidis? Well he was another big man from Eastern Europe, this time from Greece, who was drafted by the Suns 25th overall in the legendary 2000 NBA Draft and then did next to nothing during his career in the NBA. In fact, he was so bad that in this feature of Great Moments From Awful Players while a member of the Grizzlies that the Cavaliers didn't even try to cover him. And Big Jake made them pay. 

29 October 2010

The Top Ten Running Backs In The NFL

This edition of my top ten players at each position series features the running backs and boy are there a bunch of great running backs in the NFL. Which do I think are in the top 10 in all of the NFL?

Great Moments From Awful Players: Sebastian Telfair

As seen above, Sebastian Telfair was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in high school and he became one of the highly touted high schoolers to declare for the NBA Draft in 2004. He was a noted streetballer that had a documentary made about him. The Trail Blazers made him the second point guard selected and picked him instead of the Wooden and Naismith Awards, Jameer Nelson. Wise move. Telfair has not made a lot of noise in the NBA as we thought he would, having a career high of 9.8 points per game and 5.9 assists per. But he made one flashy pass that turned some heads, or at least mine, on January 31, 2008 as a member of the Timberwolves against the Bulls that made this edition of Great Moments From Awful Players. 

The Top Ten Quarterbacks In The NFL

The most important position by far on the gridiron, the quarterback can mean the difference between making the playoffs and competing for the Super Bowl and competing for the number one overall pick. So who are the top quarterbacks in the NFL today?
In the first issue of my NFL top ten players series, here are my top ten NFL quarterbacks. 

28 October 2010

Great Moments From Awful Players: Shawn Bradley

Proof that height does not make an NBA player, Shawn Bradley seemingly got dunked on mercilessly every time he stepped on the court. When you are 7'6" and there is a video titled "Top 10 Dunks On Shawn Bradley," that means you are god awful. Bradley was the second pick overall in 1993 after dominating the really strong competition of the WAC. But if you are that tall you must be able to do something right, as Bradley does in this edition of Great Moments From Awful Players as a member of the New Jersey Nets against the Chicago Bulls on March 3rd, 1996.

Great Moments From Awful Players: D.J. Mbenga

D.J. Mbenga, might he be the worst player to ever win an NBA title? He may be the worst player to ever win TWO NBA titles as he won one in 2009 and 2010 with the Lakers. And 2009 we go for this edition of Great Moments From Awful Players that does feature D.J. Mbenga stuffing Rudy Gay a few times. D.J. Mbenga doin' work.

27 October 2010

NFL Week 8 Picks

Yes, Jon Kitna is back due to this injury. Fitting that he will start his possibly triumphant return on Halloween 2010. Scary indeed.
Also, a great matchup in London features the 49ers and Broncos as the NFL wants to show Londoners how not to play the game. Plus with Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf on the call, there is no reason to watch that game.
I know I'm scared for how much beer will be thrown at me and how times I'll be called homophobic slurs when I attend the Packers-Jets game as we all know how classy Jets fans are.
And with all that plus announcers pairings (from Awful Announcing) and broadcast maps (from the506), now is the time for my Week 8 predictions.

Great Moments From Awful Players: Brian Scalabrine

For some reason, Brian Scalabrine has been a fan favorite throughout his career despite a clear lack of talent. Whether passing the ball to the other team or getting stuffed by a point guard or committing four fouls a over a minute and a half or his terrific dancing after a Bill Walker dunk that got some pub from Ian Eagle, Scalabrine is simply an awful player. But nonetheless, Great Moments From Awful Players features Brian Scalabrine smoking rising center Joakim Noah on January 10, 2010.

26 October 2010

Great Moments From Awful Players: Stromile Swift

Stromile Swift, one of the great draft picks of the legendary 2000 NBA Draft, could jump out of the gymnasium...and that was it. He had no shot no matter how hard he tried and played awful defense. He was such a successful player that he now plays for this juggernaut. But as long as he just jumped, he could do no wrong. This edition of Great Moments From Awful Players features the 'Stro and the New Jersey Nets versus the Chicago Bulls on March 18, 2008.

25 October 2010

Great Moments From Awful Players: Kwame Brown Part 2

Click Here for Part 1
For such an atrocious player, Kwame Brown sure had his moments of greatness. There are not that many of them but they are out there. This edition of Great Moments From Awful Players features Kwame Brown destroying Andres Nocioni on November 19th, 2006.

College Football Week 9 Picks

Two of the most disappointing teams in the nation this college football season will meet at Everbank Field in Jacksonville in what has been one of the best rivalries in college football in recent history. The Florida Gators sit at 4-3 and the Georgia Bulldogs sit at 4-4 but both teams are very much alive in the SEC East race and either team could be representing the East in the Georgia Dome on December 4th with a BCS berth on the line. I will pick that and all other games right here right now in my Week 9 Predictions.

The Referees Got The Call Right In The Steelers-Dolphins Game

Near the end of the Steelers-Dolphins game on Saturday, Ben Roethlisberger fumbled the ball at the one yard line of the Dolphins. Who recovered the fumble was disputed as it was not clear. If the Dolphins recovered the game was over. If the Steelers recovered they maintained possession in a spot to take the lead and kick a field goal. The referee Gene Steratore said that since he could not tell who recovered the football, he gave possession to the Steelers, who kicked a field goal to defeat the Dolphins 23-22.  The Dolphins feel they got the game stolen from him and the consensus of the media is that the call was botched. But I believe it was the correct call. But first, let's go to the videotape.  

24 October 2010

Cleveland Browns Upset The New Orleans Saints, 30-17

Wait a minute, the Browns beat the Saints in New Orleans by 13 points? There is no way. The guys who called the game for CBS, Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots, tells us if this is just a dream or for real.

2010 World Series Preview & Predictions

Well I sure as hell did not foresee this World Series matchup but the National League champions San Francisco Giants will take on the American League champions Texas Rangers in the 2010 World Series.

Atlanta Falcons Defeat The Cincinnati Bengals 39-32

How were Roddy White and the Falcons able to win a wild game with the Bengals 39-32? Who better than the guys who called it for CBS, Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker, to tell us how it all went down.

Pittsburgh Steelers Defeat The Miami Dolphins 23-22

How were the Steelers able to win this close one in Miami against the Dolphins? The gentlemen that called this see-saw game for CBS, Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf, give us the low-down.

Tennessee Titans Defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 37-19

How did Kenny Britt and the Titans crush the Eagles 37-19 today in Nashville? The guys who called the game on FOX, Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston, tell us.

Washington Redskins Defeat The Chicago Bears 17-14

How did Donovan McNabb and the Redskins beat the Bears 17-14 today in Chicago? Let's ask the guys who called the game on FOX, Thom Brennaman and Troy Aikman.

Kansas City Chiefs Defeat The Jacksonville Jaguars, 42-20

How did the Chiefs beat down the Jaguars today at Arrowhead? Let's ask the guy who called the game for CBS, Bill Macatee and Rich Gannon.

Great Moments From Awful Players: Kwame Brown

Kwame Brown, god bless him, is a scrub. The words of the great Stephen A. Smith who is not a Kwame fan in the slightest. And as much as people hate Stephen A. (I actually think he's good) he is 100% right. Kwame Brown is awful. It is shocking how he was a number one overall pick by the legendary personnel man Michael Jordan. But he has had his moments. In fact, one of the best games of his career he posterizes the incredibly overrated (and now drastically overpaid) Amare Stoudemire, who shows that he is one of the worst defensive players in the NBA (when you get schooled by Kwame, that is not good at all). This edition of Great Moments From Awful Players features Kwame Brown in Game 3 of the first round of the 2006-07 Western Conference Playoffs against the Phoenix Suns.

2010 World Series: Did Anybody See A Rangers-Giants Matchup?

As well know now, the Texas Rangers will be representing the American League and the San Francisco Giants will be representing the National League in the 2010 World Series. Who saw this one coming?