04 September 2010

Derek Anderson Over Matt Leinart? Really Ken Whisenhunt?

Did Ken Whisenhunt watch Derek Anderson last year? Or even during the preseason?

I seriously question whether Derek Anderson is really a better option at starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals than Matt Leinart. Yes, Anderson has a much stronger arm than Leinart but that does not mean anything if he cannot complete passes to his own team. This preseason he has only completed 58.9% of his passes while Leinart completed 76% (and I don't care that he checked down often, he still completed passes). And in the regular season, where the games actually count, Anderson has only completed 52.9% of his passes and has only one more touchdown than interception in his career with a very mediocre 69.7 quarterback rating. In his "breakout" season in 2007, he only completed 56.5% of his passes, not a good percentage at all, as well as tossing 19 passes to the other team.

And you do not want to see his numbers from last year. A 44.5% completion percentage, a 3-10 TD/INT ratio, and a 42.1 QB rating. An utterly horrific season last year for Anderson. Yet somehow, he is a staring quarterback in the National Football League.

Matt Leinart was pretty much set up to fail. Coach Ken Whisenhunt gave Anderson more playing time this preseason and has shown no confidence whatsoever in Leinart. He forgot how atrocious Anderson was last year when he named Anderson the starter.

How many starts does Matt Leinart have in the NFL? Only 17. That is not nearly enough to judge a quarterback whether or not he has the ability to be a starter. A quarterback should be given 2 years at least. And it is not like he has played awful in those starts. He has completed a higher percentage of passes, has thrown a smaller percentage of interception per pass than Anderson, and has a higher QB rating.

And let's look at Leinart's best year, his rookie season, in which he had the most starts (11) by far of his career, compared to Anderson's best year.

Completion Percentage

Leinart: 56.8%

Anderson: 56.5%

Percentage of Passes Intercepted

Leinart: 3.2%

Anderson: 3.6%

QB Rating

Leinart: 74

Anderson: 82.5

Interception Percentage Index (how the QB did compared to league average, 100 is average and above 100 is better)

Leinart: 99

Anderson: 91

(Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference)

Now in these important statistics, Leinart is better than Anderson in the majority of them. And do not forget that Leinart was in his rookie season while Anderson in his second. Anderson also started more games.

So when the Arizona Cardinals are near the cellar in the NFC West this season with Anderson at the helm, Coach Whisenhunt will regret the decision he made this preseason.

03 September 2010

Fight Breaks Out at the US Open

Since we're speaking of fights, here is one at a place where you would not think one would happen, the US Open in Queens (then again it is Queens).
In the upper deck of Arthur Ashe Stadium during the featured match between Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner, a female fan got rather angry over some scumbag throwing out some F-bombs and then something broke out. Let's go to the videotape (there are swear words present so you know the drill)

Here is another angle:

You always get jerkoffs like that guy at sporting events (Believe me I know, I've been to a few Jets and Giants games before). I'm kinda shocked security did not respond sooner but whatever. Let's hope they don't let the jerk ever again at the US Open.

02 September 2010

Nyjer Morgan Explodes

As we all have seen, after Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad threw at Nyjer Morgan (despite hitting him earlier in the game), Morgan charged the mound and all hell broke loose. Let's go to the videotape.

Gotta love it when Gaby Sanchez just lays out Morgan after Morgan's thrown punch that hits Volstad in the cheek. Good stuff.
What started this whole mess? In the top of the 10th inning the night before with Morgan attempting to score from second on a ground ball, he barrels into Marlin catcher Brett Hayes, separating his shoulder. Now was that a dirty play? To be fair it really was not but if he had slid he probably would have been safe. He then went in such a classy way, cursing out some Marlins fans (yes there are actually Marlins fans, actually more than there are in Cleveland and Oakland this season).
So in this game, with the Nats down by 11 in the 4th, Volstad hit Morgan, who then promptly stole second and third. Again, while not exactly cheap to steal those bases when down 11 because if the catcher is napping go for it, he did slide very hard both times. Then Volstad hits him again and then the brawl.
Should Volstad have thrown at him again. No, not at all. He hit him once there is no need to do it again. And while most arguments would end there, this is a different case, as Morgan has shown some anger issues and other bizarre behavior this season.
He slammed his glove to the ground after missing the ball which hit his head despite the ball being on the warning track back in May against the Orioles (sorry about the lack of video, MLB sucks when it regard to video copyright BS).
Then he supposedly threw a baseball deliberately at some Phillie fans. And then last Saturday, Morgan barreled over Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson despite the game being out of reach and Anderson not even having the ball!
Morgan clearly needs some help, he has got an anger problem and MLB needs to step in and get this guy some counseling. And the Nationals traded Lastings Milledge, who had his problems for this guy, who looks to be even worse?
If the Nationals do not do anything about this guy, then MLB will have to step in.

31 August 2010

Is Ndamukong Suh trying to kill Jake Delhomme?

In a pre-season rematch of the epic Lions-Browns clash from a year ago, Lions rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh grabbed Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme's face mask, twisted it, wrapped his arms around Delhomme's head and slammed him to the video. Let's go to the video tape.

It certaintly was a vicious hit no doubt. The Browns want the NFL to review the hit.
And while Suh took it too far, if you are a Lions fan you have to love his tenacity. He certainly looks like he is going to be a star in the league.