12 June 2010

MLB on FOX June 12th

6/12 Fox Announcer Assignments:
Phillies/Red Sox-Dick Stockton, Tim McCarver, Ken Rosenthal
White Sox/Cubs-Kenny Albert, Eric Karros, Chris Rose
Media Information and Distribution

10 June 2010

Colorado Joins Pac-10, Big XII in the ICU

Colorado has accepted an invitation to join the Pac-10. This is the first time the Pac-10 has expanded since adding Arizona and Arizona State in 1978. While Colorado is not exactly great on the gridiron as of late, they could deliver the Denver market, which would help a possible Pac-10 Network. Another important thing is that the Pac-10 might not be done raiding the Big XII. Texas, A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech all seem to be on the Pac-10's radar, with Texas as the ultimate prize. A possible hitch? Texas A&M joining the SEC, which could certaintly happen. Or maybe all of the Texas schools in the Big XII, except probably Baylor, joining the SEC, making that conference even better.
Then what about Kansas and Kansas State and Baylor? Iowa State is a sure goner and never really competed. Missouri might have missed its chance to join the Big Ten and could be screwed.
And could the Mountain West expand, add a championship game, get the BCS bid of the Big XII , and help fill the void?
It will be very interesting to see everything play out. On Monday there might not be a Big XII. Shocking considering the Big XII has been the second best BCS Conference over the years.

World Cup Predictions

I'm not a soccer fan by any means, but for some reason I am craving World Cup soccer. I don't know why, but I'm hooked. I have created five brackets on ESPN.com and here are my champion predictions but first here is a list of each group and the countries in it.

Zakumi: Italia
Waka Waka: England
USA #1: Brazil
bflo360.blogspot.com: Argentina

Jeremy Roenick Moved to Tears, Mike Milbury Is Not

During the post game of game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, NBC analyst Jeremy Roenick is very emotional, while Mike Milbury is not. Pretty awkward interchange for host and my boy Dan Patrick.

Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup

The Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Flyers last night to win the Stanley Cup in 6 games. Good call by me. This was a great series as every game seem to be very close. And the ratings were excellent, something NBC, VERSUS, and the NHL loves to see.
The Blackhawks are very young, Patrick Kane, who scored the winning goal, is only 21 and Jonathan Toews who won the Conn Smythe Trophy as Playoffs MVP, is only 22 so this team can certainty bag a couple more Cups in the next few years.
And I have a feeling we could hear a lot of Chelsea Dagger until the next season starts...

09 June 2010

Nets Taking Step in Right Direction

Avery Johnson will be the next coach of the New Jersey Nets. This is an excellent hire. Johnson is an excellent coach and has had success in his previous stint with the Mavericks. He is also a former player and can relate to players better than most coaches. Either he or his colleague Jeff Van Gundy should have been hired by the Nets, so the Nets make a great decision.
Now here this, the Nets will be a playoffs team next season. I guarantee it.

Stephen Strasburg is a Monster

It is safe to say that Stephen Strasburg pitched pretty good in his MLB Debut yesterday night. I mean everybody knew this guy was going to be good but he was awesome last night, better than I thought he would be in his debut. I do not care that he played the Pirates, throwing 14 k's in 7 innings with no walks is numbers every pitcher would dream of. This kid has the making of a perennial Cy Young contender, bringing hope to the once hopeless Nationals, as well as a certain draftee from this draft.
The Nationals look to be a force to be reckoned with, if they can keep their core together.

Nebraska to Big Ten, What's Next?

Depending on which reports you believe, Nebraska will soon be leaving the Big 12 and joining the Big 10. Now this could be minor, as the Big 12 could invite TCU to replace Nebraska. Or they could do what i think would be very ironic, drop Iowa State and become the Big Ten while the Big Ten becomes the Big 12.
Or this could be the end of the Big 12. The Pac 10 has been very hungry to expand and probably will attempt to pillage the Big 12. Teams the Pac 10 are looking at and could definitely get are Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Colorado. These teams would add another dimension to the Pac 10, which is looking to start its own network a la the Big Ten Network and attempt to reap more cash in television contracts. But Texas & A&M would both like to stay put if possible. Texas is the major key, they rack up so much money and arguably are the most recognizable team in college sports (not many schools can start their own sports network). If Texas stays, the Big 12 will survive. If Texas leaves, the Big 12 has no chance.
Don't be surprised to see Missouri join the Big 10. The Pac 10 really does not have any interest in Baylor, which could do well in a Conference USA or the WAC or Mountain West. Both Kansas and Kansas State will probably be left in the cold if it all falls apart, as the Big Ten really does not have any interest in either school (but should with Kansas's basketball history and K-State's rising program). And will Notre Dame be forced to join the Big Ten? Will the Big East fall apart and become a basketball only team? What will the SEC do?
Should be interesting to see this all play out.