04 May 2010

Don't Tase Me Bro, Philadelphia Edition

As we all know, some jerkoff ran onto the field during the Phillies Cardinals game last night. He then promptly got tasered.

I mean let's get real, getting tasered is hilarious. Plus so is the fact that this moron supposedly asked his dad for permission to run onto the field. The big controversy is whether or not the cop should have used the taser to take this moron down. In my opinion, absolutely. While this guy probably was some drunk idiot who wanted to get on television, there is always a chance of that person having a weapon on them and try to cause some harm. Just ask Monica Seles. Thus the cop has to do whatever he can to take these people down and the cop had not choice but to crank out the taser.
And as usual, there are those people who criticize this action as abusive. I call "BS" on that one. The cop does not have time to decipher whether a person running onto the field has a heart condition or is mentally ill. AND THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE RUNNING ONTO THE FIELD IN THE FIRST PLACE. Running onto the field of play is illegal and when people break the law, they have to suffer the consequence. And sometimes in life that means getting tased.