24 April 2010

Random Thoughts on Veteran Movements

Jason Campbell to the Raiders
The Redskins needed to move Jason Campbell and try to get something back for him. Here they get a 2012 fourth round pick for him. That could be a high fourth round pick since the Raiders are still run by Al Davis. With McNabb set as their starter, it was pointless to keep Campbell on the team.
Great trade for the Raiders. They had no starting quarterbacks on their roster as JaMarcus Russell is a joke and Bruce Gradkowski really should not be starting over a full season. Campbell actually had a good year for the Hogs but then again they only won 4 games. I think Campbell is a solid player so this is a good trade for Oakland.
LenDale White to the Seahawks
Tennessee got a fourth and a sixth for LenDale. While that might seem like much, White really did not offer much as Chris Johnson exploded.
For the Seahawks, White reunites with Pete Carroll and I think its a really good move for them. Julius Jones is not good at all and I think White will be motivated on a new team and I think it will pay off.
Leon Washington to the Seahawks
Jets fans are freaking out over this. I mean Washington was a really good player but he is coming off a big injury to his leg, which will hurt him as his game is based off of speed, quickness and agility. Plus the Jets drafted a good similar back in Joe McKnight in the 4th when a lot of people has a 2nd round grade on him.
For the Seahawks, they only gave up a fifth round pick for Leon so if it does not work out and Leon never recovers from his injury completely its not like they gave up a lot. A solid trade for Pete Carroll.
Jets Cut Alan Faneca
This makes no sense. The Jets did not want to pay his contract because they are so tight on cash (no not at all) and they give up somebody who is still one of the best guards in the NFL. It's completely ridiculous; he was a huge part of "the best line in the NFL" (not my words) so who is going to replace him now? And unlike with the other awful decision the Jets have made this offseason, they can't bring in somebody who is over-the-hill just to sell tickets again because guard don't do that.

23 April 2010

2010 NFL Draft 1st Round Grades

This has certainty been a very interesting NFL Draft with the first round thus far. In my opinion, this has been the most surprising and shocking draft in recent memory. As I always say, some teams just don't get what the NFL Draft is all about. And now you can also say some just aren't ready for primetime. Here are my grades and opinions on each 1st round pick.

21 April 2010

Where will Tim Tebow end up?

Tim Tebow is one of the most interesting draft prospects in recent memory. There are a lot of varying opinions on Tebow, but one cannot discount his toughness, leadership, intensity & athleticism. He does have a strong arm and he has worked hard on improving his delivery and his mechanics which were a mess. He does have zero experience working in a pro style offense and no experience taking the snap under center. While I'm not sold on him being a top flight quarterback, I do think he can carve out a role in the pros.
So who will draft him? I do not believe he is worth a first round but I think he will go in the late first round or early second round. He does still need a lot of development to become anywhere close to a starting quarterback in the NFL. The team that needs Tebow the most is the Jacksonville Jaguars, or as foxsports.com's Adam Schein refers to them, "America's Team." The Jags need Tebow if they do not want to move to Los Angeles. He will bring fans to the seats and interest in the Jaguars will increase across the Sunshine State.
The Bills are suppposed to be in love with Tebow and they need a quarterback. They won't take them with the ninth pick or else they would be crazy. But they have the 41st pick in the second round and could trade up (teams like the Cowboys that don't have any huge needs could be looking to trade down to build up their depth chart). The Broncos have shown some interest and could afford to let Tebow develop behind Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn (or vice versa). The Vikings have also shown some interest and could let Tebow develop and learn from Brett Favre (who I guarantee will return). Bill Belichick loves players with intangibles like Tebow's and could use him as a variety weapon. And maybe somebody that nobody expects will take him. Should be interesting to watch Draft night.

Where will Jimmy Clausen end up?

In my opinion, Jimmy Clausen is the best quarterback in the draft. But Sam Bradford will be the number 1 pick, most likely to the Rams. But it's less clear will Clausen will go. It would not surprise me if he fell like Aaron Rodgers did. But to what team is the question. The Cleveland Browns desperately need a franchise quarterback but Mike Holmgren does not like to draft qbs in the first round and is not the biggest fan of Clausen and he likes Colt McCoy much more. If Seattle had not traded for Charlie Whitehurst, a player I like, it would not have surprised me to see them take Clausen but now it's more unlikely. Oakland needs a quarterback as JaMarcus Russell sucks, but i think Al Davis really wants Bruce Campbell due to his epic combine. Buffalo also needs a franchise quarterback and they seem like a great fit as they want a qb with a big arm, but it is rumored they are smitten with Tim Tebow. San Francisco likes Alex Smith so I don't think he'll be drafted by them as they have big needs at other positions. Apparently despite trading for Donovan McNabb the Skins might take Clausen despite a big need on the offensive line so I think that's a smokescreen. Arizona might not be sold on Matt Leinhart and Derek Anderson is clearly not the answer so he could go there and I think the latest he will go is to the Vikings because they don't have big needs and should start to develop their next quarterback.