10 April 2010

The Rams Should Take Jimmy Clausen

Everybody knows the Rams will take Sam Bradford with the number 1 pick. The only problem is that Jimmy Clausen is the far superior prospect. And am I'm not the only person who thinks that.
First off, the criticisms of Jimmy Clausen are absolute crap (looking at you Todd McShay). Some say he's arrogant, but isn't Philip Rivers or Jay Cutler? Some say he is too short but he is around the same height as Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner, Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb (who are all pretty good). Whoever says he is not a leader did not watch Clausen this season, especially against Purdue.
And then there is what Todd McShay says. He says that Clausen may have peaked from playing in a pro-style offense and having recieving tutoring in the past. That makes no sense, I don't see how that is even plausible. He has said that Clausen "has to overcompensate on a lot of throws, he makes his wide receivers work for the ball constantly" to which Mel Kiper countered with that he spoke with Golden Tate completely denied that and McShay says "I don't care what Golden Tate, if you watch the tape-". Shows McShay did his research. McShay also mentions that Clausen's accuracy is mediocre, even though Clausen was 5th in the nation in completion percentage and had comparable completion rates to Sam Bradford's.
Speaking of Bradford, he put up his gaudy numbers in a spread, while Clausen put up his in a pro style. Bradford also had a much better running game, o-line, about equal recieving corps, and a much better defense. Clausen had to carry his team, Bradofrd did not have to. Plus playing for Charlie Weis doesn't hurt Clausen either.
But one particular brilliant mind said that Clauson won't be good due to Brady Quinn's struggles in the pros. First off, they have nothing in common because just because Akili Smith & Joey Harrington & Kyle Boller all sucked in the pros (and all played for Jeff Tedford) did not mean Aaron Rodgers would not do well in the pros. Second off Brady Quinn has not exactly been awful in the pros, he was playing in Cleveland with no talent at all, plus Mike Holmgren says you need 32 starts to evaluate a qb and Quinn does not even have a full season and has not even been really that bad. Third, can somebody tell me, anybody tell me the last quaterback from Oklahoma to be successful in the pros was (if they want to make this argument)? The correct, and only, answer is Troy Aikman, who played all of four games for the Sooners.
If I was Billy Devaney, I would draft Jimmy Clausen

Tiger Woods...Not Too Pleased

On the 6th hole today at the Masters, after his shot Tiger Woods does not sound overjoyed with his shot:

I alwways love when people refer to themselves in the third person, even more when they say they suck. Well some people have criticized Tiger for his reactions on the course after a bad shot, the reality is that the majority of people react negatively after a poor shot. But don't tell that to Sage Steele
By the way if you don't know ho the hell Sage Steele is, you are not alone. She is a substitute SportsCenter and the update anchor on Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN2. And she is in the position to say what Tiger did was disgusting. And I guarantee she and/or her husband has never used bad language before. And can we have enough of this "what about the children" stuff, its all a joke. It makes me wonder what was the true motivation of her little rant.

07 April 2010

Can Tiger Win the Masters?

Everybody knows about Tiger Woods & his whole sex scandal. It became old news thanks to this guy cheating on this lady, another unusual Oscar winner, but now as the Masters is this weekend it's all back on Tiger. The question is can he win?
Will he win?
In my opinion, yes. He has been training and focusing on this single tournament, where he as had lots of success in the past. I think he's out to prove the world that he is still the best golfer on the planet and will not let those women using Gloria Allred as a "lawyer" get to him. Once he wins, nobody will care about them, nor wil they care about Elin.
I think Tiger will be the comeback hero and take the green blaze on Sunday.
But based off my predicitions in the past (ex: Butler) he'll probably miss the cut
but my money's on him.

Jennifer Hudson? Really?

Remember that old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Apparently CBS didn't get the message.

Now we all know One Shining Moment is corny, but it works. It's great to watch highlights of the Tournament in a well made video. Plus, the great Luther Vandross on vocals was awesome too. But if CBS wanted to mix it up so be it. Only if the new vocalist was just as good as the previous, if not better. Can't say that happened.
Somehow Jennifer Hudson became a star. She did not win American Idol and got a small part in Dreamgirls, an overrated film, in 2006. Somehow she won over such actresses like Cate Blanchett or Abigail Breslin, in the great Little Miss Sunshine. Since then was in Sex and the City (50% on Rotten Tomatoes) where she gave a lame line in the trailer where Mrs. Matthew Broderick asked her why she came to New York and Hudson replies "to fall in love." Ugh, haven't heard that one before. That wasd followed by the Secret Life of Bees, which I saw in English class last year and it was awful, and the direct-to-DVD Fragments. Stellar career right there.
So now she sings One Shining Moment. But she actually appears on screen, which neither Vandross nor Teddy Pendergrass did, and they had much more success. Plus Hudson gets a "little bit crazy near the end" according to Awful Announcing.
Who's next? That sassy black girl from Glee?

Great Spoof of Mike & the Mad Dog

Here's a tribute and a great spoof of the famous radio program on the FAN

I certainly miss Mike & the Mad Dog, what a great show it was. These guys need to reunite but it is extremely doubtful that it will happen.

Michael Kay Has to Go

I actually used to think Michael Kay was not as bad as some thought he was. I mean I thought Ken Singleton was much better on the play by play, but I didn't mind Kay. He was no John Sterling nor was he as awful as Chip Caray.
But as I watched the season opener, I started to change my opinion.

I mean because Fenway and Camden Yards look very similar. That big green wall, all of the Red Sox fans, not of that tipped off Kay to where he was.
Then he tries to make a big deal without trying to make a big deal, if you know what I mean. He called out Red Sox broadcaster Don Orsillo for refering to the Yankees as "2009 AL East Champions" (which by the way they are) instead of "World Series Champions" because the Yankees needed to be reminded that they won the Series last year. I mean, who really cares? I guarantee Kay would;ve done the same thing if the situations were flipped. Plus Orsillo is a much better broadcaster than Kay.
Then during the game, Kay also thought he was an analyst. He was talking way too much and taking time from Singleton and Al Leiter, who are both great analysts. Three man booths suck anyways because somebody gets left out and this time it was Leiter because Kay wanted to play analyst too, because he knows as much as Leiter or Singleton about baseball.
But Kay always has Don La Greca to remind him how great he is on his radio show or Bonnie Bernstein, who continuously proves shes knows little about sports but more than these two
But at least Bernstein & Beadle are hot...

06 April 2010

McNabb to Redskins Analysis

I can really go either way on this trade
I think the Eagles should have given McNabb one more year, he did struggle at the end of the season but he still lead them to 5 NFC Championship games and let's forget how bad a shape the team was in at the end of the Ray Rhodes tenure. Plus I think trading him to a rival is always a bad idea because of the revenge factor, something I would know about (cough Brett Favre cough) and he'll be gunning to make the Eagles regret their decision.
However, I also think Philly made a good choice because Kevin Kolb played pretty well last year. He could be Andy Reid's Aaron Rodgers (another Packers reference) as in only Mike McCarthy really knew what Rodgers could do as does Andy Reid of Kolb.
It's a great move for the Redskins. While I'm not as down on Jason Campbell as others are and I think he should get another starting job elsewhere (if teams are looking), its clear that both parties had to move on. Mike Shanahan had no ties to him and Campbell needed to start fresh. Plus Shanahan is a good coach of quaterbacks and he almost coached Jake Plummer to the Super Bowl. Plus as Adam Schefter and Peter King have mentioned, McNabb could be John Elway 2.0 for Shanahan. Now the Redskins, if the Lions are stupid and pass him up, should draft Russell Okung if he's available to rebuild their o-line and they could be in business.

Near Miracle in Indy

This was a few inches away from being the greatest shot in college basketball history
More than this or this or this or this.
Gordon Hayward's near half cout miracle could've won the championship for the Butler Bulldogs over the Duke. That would be up there with some of the legendary NCAA Tournament upsets such as Villanova in 1985 & Texas Western in 1966. But it barely rimmed out and Duke won in one of the most thrilling NCAA Tourney finals ever.
Then again why Brian Zoubek would intentionally miss his second free throw makes no sense, as has it gone in would've given Duke a 3 point lead and they would've fouled one would think. But luckily for them it all worked out.
I never would have thought that this title bout would occur; I thought Duke was overrated and didn't deserve a number one seed and I also stupidly picked Butler to lose first round to UTEP (shows what I know).
Now lets just hope the NCAA doesn't ruin the tourney by adding more teams

2010 MLB Predictions

1. Yankees
2. Red Sox (Wild Card)
3. Rays
4. Orioles
5. Blue Jays
1. Twins
2. White Sox
3. Tigers
4. Royals
5. Indians
1. Mariners
2. Rangers
3. Angels
4. Athletics
1. Phillies
2. Braves
3. Marlins
4. Mets
5. Nationals
1. Cardinals
2. Reds
3. Brewers
4. Cubs
5. Astros
6. Pirates
1. Rockies
2. Dodgers (Wild Card)
3. Giants
4. Diamondbacks
5. Padres
Yankees over Mariners in 4
Twins over Red Sox in 5
Yankees over Twins in 6
Phillies over Dodgers in 5
Cardinals over Rockies in 5
Cardinals over Phillies in 7
Yankees over Cardinals in 5
Joe Mauer
Ryan Howard
Felix Hernandez
Chris Carpenter
Ron Gardenhire
Dusty Baker
feel free to post comments