05 April 2018

Fanatic Radio 4/3/18 - Clean House

Shortened week on Fanatic Radio, Mike and Flo reflect on the NCAA Tournament and how Villanova has become a blueblood by way of playing complete basketball and few one-and-dones. Yet on the flipside there are players 18 years old going to the draft as the NCAA investigates...

29 March 2018

Fanatic Radio 3/29/18 - Final Four & Opening Day

Beef among us! Flo vs Ranker...Fanatic Radio recaps the NCAA Tournament and the four teams left and what went wrong for other teams. NFL free agency and why the LA Rams are all of a sudden the golden team in the league...

09 March 2018

Fanatic Radio 3/8/18 - Franchise Flo

John Calipari, Steve Kerr, Tubby Smith join Mike and Flo on the topic of fixing the draft system and the college-NBA relationship for one-and-dones and education with Adam Silver initiative benefiting high school transition to the pros. It's all here on Fanatic Radio with college basketball conference tournaments, March Madness preview...

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03 March 2018

Fanatic Radio 3/1/18 - Combine and the FBI

With the NCAA basketball world out of control, who can really fix them? Mike and Flo have a few suggestions as to what went wrong, who's to blame and what could happen going forward. The NFL Combine is among us and Darnold won't throw, is this whole thing overrate?

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22 February 2018

Fanatic Radio 2/21/18 - Agree To Disagree

Mike and Flo are back together, for the first time in years, in the same timezone as there are stories from Upstate New York. The guys talk LeBron vs Laura in 'Shut Up and Dribble' and what athlete's roles in social, political issues really should stand for...

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16 February 2018

Fanatic Radio 2/15/18 - Flo Coaches The Team

Mike and Flo return for a jammed packed Fanatic Radio with too many sports to count. All Star Weekend for the NBA, the state of the league, including Steve Kerr letting his players coach the team and LeBron...

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15 February 2018

Fanatic Radio 2/13/18 - NBA Trade Deadline with Graham Burns

We brought the intern back with the Olympics several days in the books, what does Mike and Graham think? The NBA trade deadline has come and gone, what actually happened and what difference does it make...?
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09 February 2018

Fanatic Radio 2/8/18 - All Sports with Graham Burns

Graham Burns has returned to the show. Fanatic Radio can't wait for what's to come from our former intern. We go in a deep dive as to the pros and cons of the Winter Olympics from what is so cool about curling and the one-and-done nature of athletes representing other countries and sports with the Games beginning this weekend in South Korea.


08 February 2018

Fanatic Radio + Craft Beer Club, Match Made in Sports Fan Heaven

Fanatic Radio, the Millennial's Show, is tapping into a new partnership with The Original Craft Beer Club, raising a glass and saying cheers to our beloved fanbase.
"Nothing unifies sports fans together like ice cold beer," co-host Mike Gardner said. "We are thrilled to be affiliated with the Craft Beer Club and are looking forward to a strong, successful partnership to connect our diverse fans with craft beer from across the country. As a sports fan myself, this is a game changer for sure."

The Original Craft Beer Club is a beer of the month club which allows members to discover exceptional craft brews from around the country and delivers them each month directly to them or their gift recipient.

Continue reading for an exclusive offer courtesy of Fanatic Radio and learn more about the Millennial's Show's premier club... 

Fanatic Radio 2/7/18 - Half Olympics Half Philly

Parades, flipped cars and Bud Light everywhere? Must mean Philadelphia won the Super Bowl. The King of Philly, Brandon stops by with stories of Sunday night and the parade. Plus Flo and Mike break down just how good is this Eagles team. Matt Patricia is gone, so is this the slow demise of the dynasty New England Patriots especially with Kid Mac staying with the Patriots...?